Ceetrus Ukraine (until June 2018 Immochan Ukraine) is an international developer of shopping centers and shopping parks in Ukraine.

Ceetrus Ukraine manages 5 existing shopping galleries, the Rive Gauche shopping center and Retail Park Petrovka.

Founded in 1976, Ceetrus is a global player in the real estate market, known until June 2018 as Immochan. Immoshan became Ceetrus, symbolizing the transformations that our business has undertaken over the past two years. This name embodies our evolution from a commercial game to a pure game to a mixed developer. Ceetrus is now building places for people to live and meet, mixing stores, homes, offices and urban infrastructure.

With 297 shopping centers around the world, Ceetrus began to build, in close cooperation with citizens and territories, residential premises uniting commerce, housing, offices and urban infrastructure. Creating sustainable, smart and living spaces, the mission of Ceetrus is to create or develop social bonds that will revive the city of tomorrow. His experience extends to the professions of a planner developer, site manager, investor and innovator.