Vision of retail

For Ceetrus, each Shopping Centre is unique. Starting from architecture of the object and interior design through choice of renters to proper marketing plan. The aim of Ceetrus activities is to create commercial objects one of a kind, places that fulfill the expectations of local communities and are imprinted in the specificity of the region.

Highest quality of services and care for customer

Ceetrus makes every effort to ensure that customers visit Shopping Centres willingly and in large numbers. This is possible thanks to complex offer suited to the needs of inhabitants of specific region. In order to provide greatest benefits from visiting Shopping Centre, Ceetrus pays special attention to the quality of multichannel sale and perfecting available services.

Unique experiences and mutual memories

Ceetrus provides new experiences for the customers. There are effects of interesting special offers and attractions for children and adults. In each service, even the simplest one, you can see the meaning the company attaches to each of customers. Ceetrus wants to give free access to various themed events for representatives of all generations.

All these aspects – apart from the sole commercial activity – are an attractive incentive for the customers to visit Ceetrus Shopping Centres and to return to them often.