Ceetrus, mixed real estate developer

Our world is changing, citizens’ expectations are evolving and cities are undergoing a transformation. To contribute to designing the city of tomorrow, Ceetrus, known as Immochan up until June 2018, is becoming more than just a commercial property company: a mixed real estate developer.

Our transformation will first take shape as benefits to our existing sites. Drawing on our legacy as a flow expert, we are keen to enhance the attractiveness of our commercial sites and promote the success of our commercial tenants and our partners.

With this in mind, and while offering an innovative visitor experience, bespoke services and excellent client relations, we will boost the mixed nature of our commercial sites by integrating housing, offices, leisure activities, culture and urban infrastructure.

As observers of the city and attentive to citizens’ needs, we will also contribute to new developments to offer every region a comprehensive urban solution that is rational, suited to users and current desires, and which forges links and connections.

Ceetrus living spaces, vibrant, sustainable and smart, resonate with what we are and what we wish to become: committed to a continuous approach of co-construction, dialogue with our stakeholders, building on collective intelligence and respecting people and our environment.

Our future is built today, together
with citizens for citizens