The new multiplex under MORI Cinema management will be opened in Aquarelle Volgograd

The new multiplex cinema will be opened in Aquarelle Volgograd in Q2 2019
14 June 2018

The new multiplex under the management of MORI Cinema will be opened in Aquarelle Volgogard 

CEETRUS Russia and  MORI CINEMA signed the leasing agreement for  5,500 sq m in Aquarelle Volgograd and the launch of the new cinema theater is scheduled for Q2 2019. 

The new cinema theater encompassing  1,133 seats  will be located  on a 3rd level of Aquarelle Vologograd shopping center. The concept includes 9 cinema halls equipped with the cutting edge digital solutions, big screens and comfortable chairs.  

It is the second agreement to open a new cinema theater signed  between Ceetrus Russia and MORI Cinema management. Companies already working together in Aquarelle Pushkino, the flagship project of Ceetrus in Moscow region currently under construction.  

Irada Alieva, Deputy Commercial director of Ceetrus Russia comments: «In a current economy when the consumer’s behaviour is under tremendous changes it is extremely important for us to keep on the partnership with strong market players who are able to proactively react to the  market situation. MORI Cinema management company is very professional in programming of the repertoir and in providing the best service combined with affordable prices on tickets. The opening of the cinema in tandem with MORI will definitely attract to us all customers who are now visiting cinema theaters in other districts of the city. Our loyal customers who by the way are demanding the opening of the cinema will have one more important reason  to come more often in a whole family in Aquarelle shopping center»

Pavel Mori, General director of MORI Cinema told about the partnership with CEETRUS in Aquarelle:  «When we are considering  our expansion and deciding on new cinemas openings we are doing comperhensive analysis of the partnering shopping center.  The mix of tenants  and leasing strategy, transportation acessibility, level of compeition and   the service culture are extremely important for us. Aquarelle in Volgograd fits all criteria we require and  as of today it is the most effficient, visited and animated shopping center of the city. We are looking forward to open the contemporary cinema there and we are confident that the perfect synergy of the cinema and the shopping center will result in our mutual success»

The new multiplex cinema will be opened in Aquarelle Volgograd in Q2 2019