SEC Aquarelle Volgograd celebrated its 5th birthday

31 August 2018

The largest shopping and entertainment center of Volgograd “Aquarelle” celebrated its fifth anniversary with a fantastic show for customers.

For past five years Aquarelle became a well-known urban center of attraction, a public platform for social and sports organizations, youth associations, professional communities and local initiatives.

In June 2018, Aquarelle opened the new train station located within 100 meters from the shopping center which improved its accessibility for Volgograd citizens from outlining districts.

As an official partner of the infrastructure project “Construction of roadside stop for suburban railway transportation”, Aquarelle fully implemented the improvement project. The new stopping point is equipped with a pedestrian walkway, stairs and elevator for people with limited mobility. All work was carried out in accordance with green standards to preserve the microecosystem.

In order to improve the adjacent territory, local street-art artists took part in Aquagraffiti festival to create a unique atmosphere and brighten up everyday life of Volgograd citizens.