Ceetrus launches the first Beyond Retail Challenge, an international competition that aims to transform shopping centres into sustainable, smart, and lively places!

01 March 2018

In 2016, Ceetrus celebrated their 40th anniversary. Since then, the company has embarked on an ambitious project – to define and give life to the “Vision2030”. This vision is about forging links between people. Reaching beyond the retail experience to design places where people can meet, share emotions and create relationships. And creating connected places that offer information, solutions and services, urban, social and economic intelligence.

This is how the Beyond Retail Challenge came to life. In partnership with Agorize, a platform connecting businesses and innovators throughout the world for open innovation challenges, Ceetrus is offering start-ups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to put forward innovative projects that fit with the company’s vision. The competition is open to 12 countries and applications can be made via the Agorize website - deadline March 25, 2018.

Launch of the Beyond Retail Challenge, Ceetrus’s first Open Innovation competition

Behind Ceetrus’s initiative is the wish to open up to the world, to work with people from different disciplines in order to better build the living places of tomorrow. The Beyond Retail Challenge is a collaborative venture in partnership with Agorize, the leading platform for organising online open innovation competitions. It puts businesses in touch with more than five million innovators (students, start-ups, developers, entrepreneurs) to help them to innovate and identify the best talent.

This competition is now open to the 12 countries in which Ceetrus operates: France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Italy, China and Taiwan.

To access the platform, click here:

A three-phase challenge:

During Phase 1, candidates can submit an application until March 25. Candidates should fill out an application form describing the nature of their start-up. They should then provide a presentation giving details of their project – including how it benefits Ceetrus and the problems it addresses. They must also choose the country where they would like their project to be realised. Once all applications have been received, a judging panel comprised of Ceetrus staff and outside personnel with the appropriate expertise will select approximately 30 teams to move forward to Phase 2.

Phase 2, from April 9 to May 13, will give the short-listed teams a chance to refine their project and study its feasibility. Each of the teams selected will be assigned an Ceetrus coach to work with them on the project. 

In Phase 3, the selected teams will have the opportunity to present their project in June 2018 to Ceetrus’s executive committee in Shanghai or Paris. Of the ten finalists, up to five teams may be declared winners. They will each receive up to €50,000 to develop their project in the country chosen during Phase 1.

The Beyond Retail Challenge, an initiative at the heart of Ceetrus’s transformation towards “Vision 2030”

In 2016, Ceetrus, a property management company created in 1976 to support Auchan, became an independent company following the group’s reorganisation. Ceetrus then set about creating an open vision, shared with all stakeholders, with the aim of building their future together. Since then, the company has continued to expand its consultations, meetings, and initiatives, turning collaboration into a way of life, a guiding principle in its day-to-day affairs.

In the Vision 2030, Ceetrus capitalises on its expertise in the commercial property sector to go further, creating multi-use projects that contribute to the sustainable development of urban areas and the well-being of their inhabitants. Backed by this Vision, Ceetrus plans to grow without losing its original identity: retail DNA, the capacity to bring people together, with the highest sense of service. Yesterday was focused on retail; tomorrow will be on the creation of places to live, relax, work and socialise.