Auchan Tambov is creating an accessible environment for people with disabilities

22 February 2018

In early February the first practical seminar called “White cane is a sign of trouble. Ethics of the relationship between the blind and the sighted’ was organized for workers of retail sector in Tambov. It clearly shows with what difficulties a blind person faces in the stores of Tambov.

 The manager of the shopping center Auchan Tambov, Natalia Chernozhukova, also took part in this practical seminar. Under her supervision many services have been implemented on the site, creating a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities. For example, the shopping center is equipped with posted warning signs for the visually impaired, has an access for wheelchair users and increased distance between the shelves as well as the toilet for disabled people.

In the nearest future there will be one more innovation in Auchan Tambov, aimed to simplify the journey around the shopping center for special categories of citizens -  a call-button for a qualified employee who will accompany a blind person around the shopping center. 

Employees of the shopping center Auchan Tambov actively participate in the implementation of social initiatives together with public organizations and local authorities and implement all the necessary measures to create an accessible environment within the shopping center.